EAGLE Workbook MIL-STD-1388-2B
EAGLE Workbook DEF-STAN 00-60
EAGLE Workbook GEIA-STD-0007
These workbooks will take you step-by-step through the process of documenting the results of Logistics Support Analysis (LSA) in a relational database. The Workbook(s) may be used as reference material and will be utilized during the EAGLE Training courses offered for hands on exercises and instruction.

EAGLE Administration Manual

Oracle & Webtier Database Install Instructions

EAGLE Publishing System (EPS) Training Manual S1000D LSAR Ver 15 M0
This training manual will take you step-by-step through the process of creating, editing, managing and publishing ASD S1000D Data Modules utilizing the EPS Software. In addition, the EPS Training Manual will serve as a guide in performing Project Setup and User Maintenance functions.

EAGLE Publishing System (EPS) User Guide Ver 14 M1
The EPS User Guide describes the EPS interfaces and functions.

EAGLE Web User Training Manual

EAGLE Maintenance Management Information Systems (MMIS) Workbook
This workbook serves as a User's Guide and provides information on EAGLE Maintenance Management Information System. EAGLE MMIS workbook will take you step-by-step through the MMIS's capabilities.
As Built/Maintained Configuration Management
Configuration Management
Contract System
Document Management System
Electronic Data Interchange
Failure Tracking and Operational Use Recording
Materials and Inventory Management
Parametric Data
Parts Interchangeability
Parts Management
Project Setup
Reporting System
Warranty System
Work Flow

EAGLE License Management
EAGLE incorporates a license management system that assures the user they are not in violation of the terms of their software license agreement. This document describes EAGLE's license management concept, choosing between fixed and floating licenses, determining the necessity for installing a license server, how to do so, and the easiest way to obtain a license file from the EAGLE Help Desk.

EAGLE Reliability, Maintainability, and Testability System (RMT)
The EAGLE RMT System Manual provides an overview of the RMT Process as well as detailed information for administering and using the EAGLE RMT System. The information provided includes:
The RMT System Purpose and Data Life Cycle
Security Considerations
The RMT Manager
Reliability Analysis
Reliability Block Diagrams
Data Import/Export
Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA)
Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)
Testability Analysis
Maintainability Analysis