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Reliability Predictions

ASENT’s Reliability Manager – the cornerstone of the entire toolkit – contains some key usability features: a powerful product tree editor, the ability to import almost any file format, quick access to part data, prediction tools for both operating and non-operating failure rates, derating analysis, sensitivity analysis, a mission profiler, comprehensive reporting features, and a powerful replicate function. This replicate feature alone can save an enormous amount of time when updating designs with many common modules.

ASENT includes many of the most popular prediction methods used for calculating both operating and non-operating failure rates. Other companies charge extra for these methods, but they are all standard with ASENT.

When performing calculations, failure rate status flags are clearly displayed next to each item in your product tree structure. When failure rates have been calculated, these flags alert the user to any potential problems. Also, calculation dates are displayed for all assemblies so that you know when the last update was made at a glance.

The latest version includes expanded support for user defined fields, graphical reports, and custom reports. The entire BOM for your product tree can be easily imported from Excel and then outputed in this same format, if you like, by using the new product tree report.


ASENT’s bi-directional interface to SRC's PRISM tool and RIAC’s 217Plus tool provide several advantages:

ASENT’s product tree structure and powerful editing capabilities, along with its extensive part library, are readily available to PRISM and 217Plus.

ASENT’s comprehensive reporting capabilities can be used in addition to the reporting found in PRISM and 217Plus.

By using PRISM or 217Plus to calculate failure rates, users are assured that the latest models associated with the selected prediction method are used.

These failure rates are readily available to ASENT users for follow-on analyses, such as FMECA or maintainability predictions.

PRISM and 217Plus are invoked from ASENT by simply selecting a menu option.


Key Features
Intuitive graphical user interface   with customized views
MIL-HDBK-217 F, FN1, FN2, G   Bellcore, Telcordia, ANSI/VITA   51.1-2008, 299C or mixed failure   rate method calculations
Upper Confidence Level failure rate   calculations
Mechanical part failure rate   calculations using NSWC-07 or   NSWC-11 methodology. Mix   mechanical and electrical parts to   make a complete assembly!
Calculation of non-op / storage /   dormancy failure rates
Derating Analysis
Mission Profiler
Sensitivity Analysis
Replicate function
Ability to import most file formats
Comprehensive reporting
Associate graphics and drawings

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